From my roof

Today was National Holiday, called....sport-healthy day... Literally, they create this holiday for us to do some sports. Me, I haven't even went out besides doing some grocery shopping near my house. I don't know what's happening to me, but no motivation for living at all. Nothing really makes me excited in here...
While I was doing my laundry, I saw the airship flying very elegantly beyond Shinjuku.


Madonna Night....

Shinjuku, 2-chome

Shinjuku 2-chome, is a gay district which made me reminds of Marais. Same kind of atomosphere...or more "obvious". I went to a "Madonna Night" at the club located at Shinjuku, 2chome, though I am not a fan of Madonna... 80% of people who were there was gay and the rest was women over their 30...


JGAS 2009

JGAS 2009, Tokyo BigSite
I went to see the printing machines and etc....


After the typhoon

After the typhoone, there is always a super blue sky.



Bus at Shinjuku

I don't know since when that exist, but now they use the surface of bus/train for an advertisement. I wonder if I ever had a day without seeing any advertisement..and sometime I even wish that I can't read Japanese...Too many information chokes me up...
It's Guandam on the bus by the way.


Tokyo Station
I took Shinkansen(bullet train...)to head to a Nigata...for my job.
Salary man in their black/gray suits, ladies going back to thier home after a sightseeing in Tokyo.



cocoon tower

There are so (way too) many buildings in Tokyo. But some of them has a very unique shape as this one.